All Services & Meetings are currently canceled until further notice.

  If you know of individuals who have special needs for food, shopping, etc… and because of health or age-issues should not be going into public places, please let the church office (717-694-3700) or a council member know so we can assist them in whatever way they have need. 

                Your prayers, concern, encouragement and investment in Niemonds Church is deeply needed and deeply appreciated.  May God strengthen and encourage you in these days.

36964 Route 35, Richfield PA 

Sunday School at 9:00-9:45 AM

Worship will be at 10:00-11:15 AM

Pastor Ron Berrus

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Hello Niemonds Family!

In these changing days, it’s wonderful to know our God never changes and He is always with us, around us, before us, behind us, above us, below us and with us!

While we have chosen to cancel services in our building for now, for the sake of everyone’s safety and submission to our government’s direction, we want to encourage you to consider some of the following ideas as you continue to serve the Lord and trust Him each and every day.

1) Sermons are already available on our church website. Just put this in your browser www.niemonds.org/sermons We are also trying to get a video there by Sunday for you to watch as a family. Look for it on the main page and scroll down.

2) Weekly Audio Devotional Look on the website for an audio devotional from Pastor Ron during this time as a further encouragement to you. Once we have it in place, we will send you a reminder email to listen to it.

3) Email of Encouragement Look for an email we’ll be sending out an to all of you who on our email list once a week during this time as well as posting it on our website and on Church Connect-https://www.churchtrac.com/connect?ui=BD8193CE

4) Youth Group on Zoom. Each Wednesday evening at 7pm, our regular Youth Group meeting time, we will be doing an online meeting using ZOOM. You can download the app to your phone or laptop. We will send out the invitation URL through what’s app and email so you can join us. We did it last Wed night and it worked well.

5) Youth Sunday School on Zoom. We are going to try to do Sunday School for our teens through Zoom as well. Feel free to give Brian or Tabitha a call if you need help connecting.

6) Eve to Esther Ladies Bible Study on Zoom, Wed nights at 6:30. It worked fine last Wednesday evening. If you were already attending, you should have gotten an email invitation and/or text message about joining in. If you need help connecting, let Val know via text or phone or email. 717 614 5119, valberrus@comcast.net

7) God’s tithes and our offerings. Even though our doors are closed, our ministries, our missionaries, and our mortgage all need your regular and generous investments as always. We want to thank you for your generous gifts and ask that you mail them or drop them by during office hours, whichever is easiest for you; or set them aside and bring them when we begin services again.

8) Kids Bible App for Free Since many of you have more time with your kids during school closures, here are some great Bible apps for you to download and use. Copy and paste this url and check it out. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bible.kids&hl=en_US for laptops, phones, or iPads

9) Bible Study Online Resources

1) The YouVersion Bible app https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app/ allows you to read various translations, and listen to the Bible being read if you choose to download a translation that includes the audio version.

2) The Bible Gateway App https://www.biblegateway.com/ This wonderful resource includes 40 commentaries, Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more and works great with either phone or laptop.

3) Devotional Apps My Utmost for His Highest, Our Daily Bread, and Spurgeon Morning and Evening are all excellent devotional reading for you and your family early, late, around the dinner table, or anytime! Google them to download.

Six Things to remember every day-

1) Be Grateful – remind each other of all the blessings you do have and don’t complain about what we don’t have for now. God is in control and He will teach us all many things we need to learn during these days.

2) Be Patient – when things slow down and we feel stuck it’s easy let our tempers flare and become really negative. Let’s ask God to let “tribulation produce patience” as we “trust and obey”.

3) Be Still – Fear produces more fear unless it’s replaced by the peace of God. Psalm 46, Isaiah 40, 41 and 43, Psalm 27, Matthew 5-7, and Philippians 4 all remind us to “cool it” and rest in God’s sovereign care.

4) Be a Blessing to Someone Else – getting our eyes off ourselves and on to those with special needs is a sure way to be and find a blessing in the midst of a burdensome time. A smile, a meal, kind word or appreciation, an offer to help someone in need.... These are days of opportunity especially to help those caring for the very young, the very old, the ill, infirm, and housebound. Let’s look for ways to be a blessing and show the love of Christ in these days of need.

5) Remember, God isn’t surprised, God isn’t troubled, God isn’t worried, God isn’t helpless! God is the same yesterday, today and forever and He is walking with us every step of this journey. Rest in Him. Here is a great verse from Psalm 116... Return to your rest, O my Soul, for the Lord has blessed you greatly!” Let’s remind ourselves continually to keep coming back to that place of rest and peace found in Christ, in Christ alone, and in Christ continually.

6) Share your needs with us. Do you have a special prayer request, a special need for help, a desire for Pastor Ron to come visit? Let us know. We’re here for you!

We’re praying for you and asking God to bless you in wonderful ways each and every day!

Yours in the grace and love of Christ Jesus,

Pastor Ron

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