Adult and Children's Sunday School


Adult Sunday School

Niemonds offers an Adult Sunday School program. Sunday School starts at 8:30 AM-9:15 AM.


Children's and Youth Sunday School

Niemonds offers a Sunday School program for all children and youth ages 2-Sr. High. These classes all meet in the educational wing to the right of the sanctuary. If you would like more information on this program, would like to meet the teachers, or familiarize yourself with the scope and sequence of the current curriculum, please speak to one of the pastors or elders.


Children's Sunday School Teachers and Grades Taught

PreK-Kindergarten: Sue Varner, Kim Watts, and Diane Sheaffer, Anna Landis, Dan Seaman

1st-2nd Grade: Kerry & Cheri Peck, Joyce Lehman, Dan Seaman

3rd, 4th Grade & 5th & 6th Grade: Scott and Beth Ehrisman, Deb Maneval, Kim Watts

Jr. High (7th-8th Grade) & Sr. High (9th-12th grade): Brian Dressler & Tabitha Goodling

Young Adult Class- Bob Leitzel

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