Adult and Children's Sunday School


Adult Sunday School

Niemonds offers an Adult Sunday School program. Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM-9:45 AM.

We have three Adult Sunday School Classes.

  • Bob Mitchell will be teaching in the Sanctuary.

  • Pastor Ron will continue his class in the Fellowship Hall

  • “New” Young Adult/Young Married Class- led by Bob Leitzel this class meets in the room at the East end of the Fellowship Hall

Children's and Youth Sunday School-Kid Safe Zone (this area is locked down once Sunday School Begins)

Niemonds offers a Sunday School program for all children and youth ages 2-Sr. High.

  • Ages PreK-6th Grade meet in the hallway next to the sanctuary.

  • Jr. & Sr. High meet in the classroom to the left of the Fellowship Hall.

Check In Station

The children and parents will need to check your child in at the Check-In Station. The child will receive a sticker with their name & number. The parents will receive a matching sticker for the child. The parent will need to present the sticker when picking up their child.

Children's Sunday School Teachers 

  • PreK-Kindergarten: Sue Varner, Kim Watts, and Diane Sheaffer, Anna Landis, Dan Seaman

  • 1st-2nd Grade: Kerry & Cheri Peck, Joyce Lehman, Dan Seaman

  • 3rd, 4th Grade & 5th & 6th Grade: Scott and Beth Ehrisman, Deb Maneval, Kim Watts

  • Jr. High (7th-8th Grade) & Sr. High (9th-12th grade): Brian Dressler & Tabitha Goodling

All teachers and helpers are required to have on file at the church a Child Abuse & Criminal Clearances

All volunteers (18 years of age and older) who work with children and youth (18 years of age and younger) are required  by state and federal law to complete a criminal and child abuse clearance.

Criminal Records Check 

Child Abuse Clearance 

If you need clearance processed, please contact the church office for more information at 717-694-3700 or

by e-mail at